Reports -> Asterisk logfiles webpage goes unresponsive every time i try to use it

Hi guys, does anyone else experience this Asterisk logfiles page going unresponsive?

I basically can’t use this page for debugging anymore. If I set number of rows to 500 i can scroll up and down and it won’t crash. If I change it to anything it instantly crashes.

When I first started setting up FreePBX this page worked nicely. However now with 20 phones on it, along with softphones, it just cant handle the number of rows. In a few minutes it will load 100k - 300k rows and I guess it can’t handle it.

I even loaded my FreePBX onto new hardware, its a dell optiplex mini PC that has a good i7 processor and SSD and cost like 600 euros.

I guess as a work around I will just find a way to download the log files and open them in Excel

It’s more than likely not a problem with the PBX server but with the workstation you are using to browse the FreePBX web interface. That’s a lot of data being loaded onto the web page. If you are doing large operations on log files then use text editor tools on the server itself, like vim/view, nano, cat, grep. Or download the log and open it in a capable text editor (not Excel).

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Thanks I will either download the logs or try use asterisk CLI to view them as you said

If your logs are ‘bigly’ consider modifying your /etc/logrotate.d/* files, to rotate the logs at 1mb or 6 hours or whatever suits your hardware limitations.

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