Reports Abbreviations

Can anyone identify the following abbreviations located in the Destination field of the report module?


Start voice mail, ring group, follow me.

Thanks, any chance you could give me a clue about which one means what?

Seriously, you can’t look at the abbreviationd and figure that out?

As far as the two different follow me destinations I do not know without looking at dial plan.

If I knew which was what I would not have posted the question. I would appreciate you listing the abbreviations with their definitions.

Dude, I am typing this on a phone.

The letters line up s= start. Vm=voive mail. Fm=follow me rg=ring group.


Thank you

Do you have any idea what the extra letters mean? VMU and VMY (Voice Mail ?)

I really do appreciate your help.

I am not sure what the GL and PR stand for, but when someone calls an extension that has “Follow Me” set to ring the extension and an outside line, the FMGL is written to the report when the callee “Answers” from the outside line. FMPR is written to the report when the callee answers from the extension/device.