Reporting Tools Help

Hello, I am currently running Trixbox ce with freepbx 2.4. I am looking for a way to generate reports of how long inbound calls ring before answered, and have that separate from the total call time. What is the best way to accomplish this?

You should have a tab in FreePBX that is called Reports. Just click on that one and see if you get any data. From there you can select date period and export to csv file.

Or if you are familiar with mysql, you could export the cdr database to a csv file and do all math there.

As FreePBX 2.4 is out of support, this is the best help that I can give you.

Thank you for the advice and the quick response!

I am looking at the fields in the sql database, and I see three integers - duration, billsec, and amaflags. What is the difference between these? And how can I determine the “on hold” time?