Reporting on Inbound Calls

Hi, I have just been asked to generate management reports from our FreePBX system and after searching this forum I have not found an answer to the following question so hope someone can help.

I want to identify how long a phone is ringing before it was answered or went to voicemail. I am looking to report what percentage of calls in a month were answered within 3 rings (or something like that).

Can I get this data from the CDR reports? If so how???

Many thanks

The CDR reports will show ANSWERED and UNANSWERED but i do not think they can show how long it was ringing before it was picked up.

Thanks for the response, is there any 3rd party reporting software that will give me this? I see there is a chargeable reporting module available, would this do it?

it is derivable from calltime - billtime = ringtime

Thanks a million

actually duration-billtime using the field names in cdr

Thanks, yes I had worked out the relative field names and have managed to create a time difference. One other question related to this…sorting inbound from out bound calls, is it as simple as removing all the internal extension numbers (from src)and reporting on the rest? None of the column headings simple to clearly indicate the direction of the call.

dcontext = “from-did-direct” should normally catch most inbound calls, but be aware that only the first leg of a multilegged call will be found, it is a real pain in the ass to truly identify further legs.