Report/know when call recording is turned off

Does anyone know if there is a way to see when call recording is turned off, when the feature code is dialed? Specifically a list of all of them.
For example, all calls come in through a central number. We are giving the receptionist permissions to disable call recording by dialing *1, should someone on the other end not consent, however we want to make sure this feature is not abused. Otherwise, all incoming calls are recorded by default. It would be nice to pull a list of calls that had the recording disabled, so we can make sure that the caller did in fact request for call recording to be turned off.

I know I can see the feature code dialed in the asterisk logs, but is there a way to query calls that had the feature code dialed, or is there something in the CDR reports?

The end goal here is–I have a custom application using the GraphQL API that basically replicates the call recordings module on our local server but also pulling in data from our CRM. I need to generate a report of these calls that have had the recording disabled and add that in to our custom application.

  1. Write a query that compares the CDR to the recordings in the server folder. If there is a record without a recording, you can investigate.

  2. Write a new feature code for the receptionist to use that logs the relevant information you want to collect before triggering the normal *1 feature code.

Feature Codes Admin User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Defining custom feature codes - FreePBX - FreePBX Community Forums

I want to thank you for the recommendation and wanted to post my solution in case someone needs this in the future.
What I did that worked for my use case was to create/edit the one touch record macro and added a line to set the CDR Userfield to “RECORD_STOPPED” if the *1 feature code was pressed.

exten => s,n,Set(CDR(userfield)=RECORD_STOPPED)

I then was able to use the GraphQL API to pull out the records that contained the string “RECORD_STOPPED” and make a report of them (using PHP for my application, but any coding language that supports GraphQL would work.)

If you don’t go the custom coding route, adding/editing the one touch record macro and doing the user field will still work. Just filter on your CDR page by user field.

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