Replacing a RAID drive

One of the HDDs in a FreePBX version is failing.
The RAID1 config was done at the distro install: 2x1TB HDDs.

I have seen posts indicating that the boot partition is created only on the primary HDD (sda).
We would like to replace both HDDs (sda and sdb).
The current fault is on /dev/sdb.

I have some questions that I hope someone can help me with:

  1. I have forced a fail on /dev/sdb to temporarily regain performance. Now running on /dev/sda only.
    Will the system auto-rebuild if I swap out /dev/sdb?

  2. Once I have the RAID1 rebuilt, it is desired to then replace the primary /dev/sda.
    If the boot partition is only on sda, how can this be done?

  3. If boot is only on sda, what happens if sda fails?
    How can the system boot if the boot partition is only on sda?

Thx in advance for any advice and/or help here.

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