Replacement suggestions needed for Google Contacts in CID Superfecta

Hello all,
We have been using CID Superfecta over the last couple of years, coupled with PushBullet and Google Contacts to pop the name and address of an incoming call on our computer screens. This resulted in the name and address popping up on our computer screen while the caller was still navigating the IVR. (about 10 seconds before the desk phones would actually ring)

This worked great until January 19, when Google turned off Google Contacts API, replacing it with Google People API. Contacts API Migration Guide | People API | Google Developers

I have tried various ways to achieve the same thing since, however we have in excess of 13,000 contacts, many with multiple phone numbers. When importing them into the native FreePBX Contact Manager, our PBX chokes, taking in excess of 40 seconds to find a match.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this functionality back now that the Google Contacts API has been turned off?

Thanks in advance for an suggestions.

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Perhaps file a bug report. That said this will likely come back “patches welcome” meaning it will be up to someone in the community to update/fix this. If it is important to you it may be worth throwing up a bounty if you can’t do it yourself.

ich würde mich auch für die Lösung interresieren…

Ich würde auch das Modul umprogrammieren, jedoch fehlt mir hierfür die nächsten wochen die Zeit

It seems that the Contact List in FOP2 is able to handle a large number of contacts without issue. Since I cannot get the FOP2 CallerID SuperFecta module to work, I setup a solution following the guide here.

This doesn’t pop the info on our computer screen, but at least gets the caller info populated to our phones screens.

Have you tried OpenLDAP? Superfecta supports LDAP lookup…

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