Replacement for iSymphony

Well since iSymphony doesn’t work since the major Java security update last month, and their websites support page has been 404 since then, can we safely assume that it’s dead?
I meant to ask you guys in Miami Beach at the expo about this but why doesn’t FreePBX have it’s own module for sale, I’m sure you guys could make a kick ass heads up display. I could convert every IT client of mine that uses Fonality if I had something to compete with HUD.

Thanks to another user, I was able to get it running after nerfing Java security. But still, any plans for a FreePBX backed Operator GUI?

The new iSymphony V3 is all web based for the client and has been worked on for over 30 months now by i9 with 2 full time developers. Its in beta now and I must say its pretty impressive. You can hit them up for a beta copy. We should have it in the Distro shortly.

iSymphony is far from being a dead project. We are actively developing iSymphony on a daily basis.

iSymphony version 2 has not seen many major updates in recent time as we are currently focusing the majority of our resources on the new version 3 as Tony mentioned but we are still providing support for version 2.

I am not sure what happened with our support page throwing a 404 but you can try again at If you continue to have issues accessing our support page please do let me know.

Two recent updates with Java (1.7.0_45 and 1.7.0_51) have introduced increased security measures that prevent older versions of iSymphony from running via the JNLP mechanism with default security settings. In preparation for these updates we released new versions of iSymphony. iSymphony 2.8.2 was released late December which added support for Java 1.7.0_51. You can read the knowledge base articles and change logs below:

Thank you for you interest in iSymphony.

Looking forward to v3!!!

Thanks for the detailed response mwolf9. Is there any work around for not having the client have to click passed a bunch of scary looking security dialogs about iSymphony not being signed?

I thinks me needs to get a hold of this beta!


Upgrading to iSymphony 2.8.2 will resolve the issues with the constant security popups. Take a look at the articles I posted for more information.

If you would like to be included in the iSymphony V3 beta please open a ticket at and request beta entry. There is no need to log into that page just click the Submit a Ticket button.

Hey I can see from the above that there have been no updates to this thread since Feb?

Has V3 gone into production as yet? I can seen on the Smooze site they are selling V3 licenses but on my newly installed FreePBX I have V2.8 installed? How do I update?

With thanks

Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade. There is no technical upgrade path (have to start config from scratch) and the 2.8 license will not apply to 3.x. I inquired last !month and they advised I would have to purchase new licenses for server/clients. Deal breaker for me. I too would like!e to see a competitor for a HUD.

Information on upgrades at

V3 has come out, I did a trial as soon as it did and ended up buying a 40-user license. It’s AWESOME. Browser based, no Java run time crap, runs fast, smooth, and has a ton of features. Pretty polished and no issues so far. Permissions for each user are great and the multiple dashboard option has me happy. It runs sooo much better than 2.8, especially things like on the fly conference call creation and DND toggles. You dont upgrade from 2.8, you just leave it on your server and install 3.0 next to it. It was easy as one RPM command, copying/pasting a couple firewall rules, and uploading the new freepbx module.

P.S. I stole my first Fonality customer within a week since now FreePBX has a decent HUD :lol: