Replaced queue-youarenext.ulaw and queue-thankyou.ulaw

Good morning everyone, I went ahead and replace queue-youarenext.ulaw and queue-thankyou.ulaw with a custom recording. It works but I hear a squeaky noise before it plays the recording. Here is the recording. Please go here to listen to the audio sndup net /cn92/

I was wondering if there’s anything that could be done? I’ve used the following tool, bitrate is 128kbps
toolslick com conversion/audio/wav-to-ulaw

The file you posted is stereo. Your custom recordings must be mono, 8 kHz sampling rate.

These are the settings I have when I export the .wav to ulaw
Channel is set to mono

If you don’t see an option for 64 kbps, use a different converter.

I used Audacity and exported the .wav file to ulaw with mono and 8kHz with 64kbps. The squeaky noise can still be heard.


Asterisk µ-law files must be raw µ-law fles, without the .wav RIFF header. Alternatively you can use 16 bit linear (so 128kbps) with a .wav file name extension.

The squeaky bit is probably the result of treating the .wav (RIFF) header as audio.

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You are correct, the file needed to be saved in the following way in order for the squeaky noise to go away. I no longer hear the noise! Thank you so much David. Here’s the final audio without the noise.

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