Repeat IVR recording

Hi guys,
I have an IVR with multiple recordings (each line is 1 file):

  1. Welcome to blablabla
  2. Please listen carefully as our menu has changed
  3. If you know your party’s blablabla

4. for blablabla press 1
5. for blablabla press 2
6. for blablabla press 3
7. To hear this message again, press *

Post IVR
8. Thank you for calling blablabla, and have a great day

My question:
When the * is pressed, how do I set the IVR recording to repeat itself without the “Pre IVR” and “Post IVR” ?


Do you have 3 seprate IVR’s?

  1. Welcome blablabla
  2. For blablabl press…
  3. Thanks for calling

If so, then this should work for you:

Once the IVR is created, click on IVR 3 to modify again add the * key, choose destination to IVR 2 which you want it to be return to. (Can also be the same IVR)

No, it is 1 IVR with a lot of recordings…
But, lets say that I do split it to 3 IVRs, how do I configure them to automatically continue to the next IVR (without pressing a key)?

Zactly, set the timeout to zero, and set the timeout destination to the next IVR.

I will try this