Repalcing + charater on called numbers with 00

I need help. am new to asterisk dialplan. when i call a number from my softphone with the + prefix character in front of the number the call wont go through i have tried all i could to in my extension file but to no success.

Look at the prepend field of your outbound route. You will need a + in the prefix and 00 in the prepend.

thank you for your answer. freepbx GUI is not install in my server am running only asterisk and a2billing so i have access only extensions.conf files.

This is a FreePBX support forum. You would have better luck on an Asterisk support forum such as

replace + character with 00? here is an example extension:

exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/voipyvoip/00{EXTEN:1})

_X. is a dialplan pattern match. Replace with whatever is appropriate for you.
replace voipyvoip with the name of your trunk.

{EXTEN} is a variable set by asterisk. The value is the extension number (name, really) dialed.

The :1 (note it is inside the {}) modifies the string to keep all of the digits except the leading digit. This will be concatenated with the leading 00 before being sent off.

Thank you ##dpeloquin i have tried that but am still having issues “The dialed extension not found”