Repair Boot?

Suddenly, my drive won’t boot.
Is there a way to fix the boot sector? Can I download the correct (?) version of centos and fix the boot sector?
What version would I use?

Note: I used Clonezilla to create this – I noticed another thread that suggested that cloneszilla might not be bulletproof with this version.

Platform? Method of installation? mbr or uefi? Stability of system prior to this?

Grub is kinda solid as a rock unless you have flakey hardware that messes with your boot sector (again mbr or uefi) on the hard drive.

Not sure, used the distro originally. Clonezilla’d to a new PC with a 1T drive. Worked fine rebooting a dozen times during the setup and test. Then when I tried to put it in service – PC couldn’t find the OS.
Tried a boot repair program which fixed the ability to boot, but couldn’t access the network.
Installed Centos 7 so I could access and dump the MySQL database.
Ideally, would like to be able to recreate the boot sector by booting in Centos 7 – used to be able to do it in DOS.
I miss DOS.

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