Reoccurring issue. VPN phones disconnect and have to stop and start VPN via GUI to reconnect

I have 15 or so clients with cloud hosted FreePbx servers (using Vultr). They all have yealink phones and are all connected through the built in VPN service in FreePbx. Every client also has their own FreePbx cloud instance and they are either on FreePbx 14 or 15. None are sharing servers. I am having issues with the servers disconnecting all vpn clients and the fix is to start and stop the VPN service via the Freepbx GUI. As soon as I do this the phones will reconnect and all is well. This will happen randomly and seems to happen to every server I host. It may happen once a month or sometimes once every two or three months. I realize that this issue description has a lot of unknowns and covers multiple servers but I was just curious if anyone else who cloud hosts their FreePbx servers have seen this issue and if so do you have any suggested fixes or work arounds?

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Have you looked to see if you are seeing VPN attempts from the phone while they are disconnected before you restart the VPN service?

I have your same scenario T48G/S phones that randomly lose connectivity. My fix is to toggle VPN off and on and they seem to reconnect.

You may have seen my post on Yealink phones and VPN to create the TAR files needed for Yealink.

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