Renewing FreePBX Softphone (Sangoma Desktop Phone) Licenses

I need to renew Sangoma Desktop Phone on one of our PBX.

The original purchase was:
2 users free for 1 year + 3 paid licenses for a total of 5 users.

In the portal, when renewing, I can only renew the paid license (which is normal) but it add only 3 users to the cart and I cannot change it for 5 users.

I can I renew for 5 users ?

You’re not renewing the free licenses, you are buying two new ones.


From my experience: When you change your SangomaTalk/Connect licenses, the deployment will not properly update. Every time we’ve done this we had to call and get someone to fix it.

Yeah you’re right…
I was a bit dumb on this one !

I renewed 3 and then I bought 2 more. I guess that next year the “renewal” should show 5 licenses.

Thanks !

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