Renewal of commercial modules

Hey guys,

I am wondering about the current version of my Endpoint Manager Module. We bought a renewal via our Partner and in the System Admin it show as licensed until 06-09-2020.

Looking at the Module Admin it states that it is enabled and up to date, but has a Renew Button next to it.

How can I confirm if this is the latest version and that the module is properly licensed?

Your syadmin screen cap confirms your licensing is current. You can see the same info by logging into and view the licensing details for the deployment.

Thank you! Any chance to confirm the current version of a module outside of my own installation?

As of today, EPM version for both stable and edge is 14.0.23. If you are not seeing that in Module Admin, and you have only very recently purchased the renewal, it might be hidden from you for a short while due to caching. You can upgrade with:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint --tag 14.0.23


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