Renamed user display but CEM regenerates extension configuration with previous user name anyway

I have been trying to track down what is happening for some time without success. We reassigned a SNOM870 extension to a new user. The static IP address remained the same, as did the user logon id, and device id. The user name and display name was changed in the user application. The new user name shows in the CEM extension display. However, when I use CEM to regenerate the configuration file for that extension the former user name is placed in the busy lamp field definitions instead of the new user name.

I have used the search function to look for occurrences of the old user name and none are found.

I have checked the files in /etc/asterisk for occurrences of the old user name and none are found.

Does anyone have an idea why the old user name persists when CEM regenerates the configuration file?

Did you also make sure User Manager was updated with the new name?

Edit: Also, how is the template setup in EPM? Because that information is not dynamic.

Yes, I did. This is the entry in the CEM:

Extension:       41716 first X lastname
Brand            Snom
Model            S-870
MAC Address      0004....A8
Account          Account 1
Template         snom_prime
BLF Label        BLF Label (greyed)
BLF Substitution No Substitution

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