Rename extension, Polycom display name problem

I recently renamed an extension from having one display name, to another display name. When this user calls other extensions in the office, it still shows the old display name on the Polycom phones (Of the employee that is no longer with the company).

Does anyone know what the trick is to updating this properly? I tried a “reboot” on both Polycom phones, and the issue persisted. I ended up formatting, and setting the Polycom’s back to factory defaults and the issue seemed to go away. (So appears to be something cached in the Polycom phones?).

Browse into it and update the information there is the only way I have found to make the changes. I’m new to all this so there might be a better way I just haven’t found it.

Nobody else seemed to be jumping up with answers so I figured why not respond atleast it would give you a solution.


It depends on how you are updating your phones. We use endpoint manager (both OSS and Commercial on different systems). When you change a username on an extension, it will not automatically update all of your phones. If you are using endpoint manager, you need to go into the template for the phone and change the label for the button that represents that user/ext. Then, rebuilt the config and reboot the phones. That will update the name (label) for the button that represents that extension.