Removing/managing contacts

Hello, I’m nearly done configuring my first freepbx system and one pain I’ve run into is how contacts don’t seem very manageable. I’ve found the contact manager lets you somewhat manage groups and you can add/remove contacts from these but this change doesn’t seem to flow to the phones well but even more than this I’m having an issue where the phones default to the default “User Manager group” which has the contacts I want everyone to see but there’s also a “Line Keys” group which is not only trying to add each line key as a contact but also bugging out and showing all of these contacts as blank lines in the contacts DPMA app. So for example I currently have 3 of my test phones connected and one has one blank line that is this line key group, but another has 1.5 pages (P330) you have to scroll through before reaching the actual visible contacts.

I did try filtering and that works fine but the filtering doesn’t stick once you exit the DPMA contacts app. I was hoping someone has a way to easily remove the line keys or enforce a filter to always show one contacts group instead of defaulting to showing ALL contacts.

Thank you!

Further investigating shows these empty lines are the *80 and ** feature codes being entered into each phones contacts… not sure where to manage this from.

Hello, not sure if it was a system update or what but I’m not seeing the blank lines recently, but that may crop up again as each phone (though same P330 models) seemed to be functioning somewhat different to this. But the issue of not having freedom to set a default filter to weed out duplicate contacts or even fully remove the line keys contact group from individual/all phones I feel like should be addressed. Maybe no one else has run into this? I submitted a ticket to Sangoma at the beginning of December and it was completely ignored similar to this post… If anyone has any information on this it would be very appreciated!


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