Removing Endpoints from an Extension

I have a Sangoma UC100 that is using PJSIP and allows up to 3 devices to connect to each extension. It has been working very well.

The users have an s500 phone, a cell phone using Groundwire, and a computer using MicroSIP client to connect.

I now have a need to remove devices from an extension due to an employee termination. I only need to disable access to the current users MicroSIP and Groundwire connections. How do I do this. I see the Sangoma s500 in the Endpoint Manager’s Extension Mapping, as ext 110-1, however I do not see the other devices 110-2 and 110-3 so that I can delete them. I do see them in the Advanced tab under Extensions, but they are view only. Also since they are generic SIP clients they do not indicate which one is which other than the s500.

Please help if you know the answer to this, as I can see this being an ongoing need as employees come and go. Thanks!

PBX Firmware 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7
Service Pack

In your shoes I would just remove the extension entirely, and change the hard phone to another extension number. But you might achieve your goal by changing the SIP secret and only updating the device you want to keep.

Thank you. It would be a nice improvement to allow deletion on a per device basis in future revisions. I can see times when someone wants to remove a client and replace it with another client or just delete it, and it would be less of a pain if we could do that rather than deleting the extension and reconfiguriing it. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

How do you envision such a thing working? Once you give SIP credentials to a user to allow them to configure their byod devices, how would you then selectively revoke their permission to use those credentials only for some devices?

You could have done this if you were using Zulu for your BYOD clients. Since Zulu uses the User Management credentials for access, you can revoke the user’s account without touching the SIP credentials of the associated extension.

Not sure. I know when we had Barracuda Phones we were able to add and delete multiple devices to an extension but it was totally different how it did this compared to Sangoma/FreePBX.

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