Removing an upgrade


I am building a backup system fro our freePBX distro and inadvertently went too far on the backup system. Now when I try and restore the data from the live system to the backupsystem it will copy the backup file but not do anything with it. ie No extensions, DID’s or any other config data is restored. It’s as though nothing happened. So after reading a few posts on here I decided to check the versions, my production system is running 1.813.210.58-1 and my backup system I pushed up to 1.814.210.58-2. Should this effect the restore?, if so how can I uninstall/remove the updates on the backup system? (I am reluctant to upgrade the production system until I have the backup system up and running just in case we have a problem and the production system goes down). Once the backup system is in place I can safely upgrade that to make sure it goes ok and then the production system afterwards.

any thoughts, ideas or help on the best course of action would be appreciated…