Remove Warning For Disabled Module

I am apprehensive in asking this these days as I am not certain if this should go under a feature request or whatever, but ever since updating to FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-22, the Dashboard always pops up with a Critical Error Found in that I have a disabled module. The module I purposely disabled is Queues as I don’t use queues at all and I don’t believe it is a critical module needed for the proper operation of FreePBX. BUT, I could be very wrong.

I click the minus (-) sign and it disappears for the session I am logged into but always comes back.

This is not that big a deal but certainly annoying. Can it be permanently deleted? That option is not there.

2018-01-23 19_24_00-FreePBX Administration

Can you just uninstall it?

Well, I certainly could but in the past when I did that and then after updating the system, all the modules would come back and that took more time to either uninstall them all again. I found I was better off in disabling them. Then when I updated the system they, the disabled modules, would update and just not be active.

So… for one module I suppose that would be the best thing to do. It will just come back after an update but one module to mess with is better than a bunch.

Thanks Andrew.

Perhaps delete them rather than uninstall them ?

To be honest, I don’t think it’s the module warning. I think it’s the firewall not being working that’s causing the warning.

It is true that I do not use the firewall, disabled) as I already use a Linux based iptables firewall and gateway. Interesting that the firewall could cause the warning. I will try deleting it, not the firewall but the offending module, but somehow I am pretty sure I tried deleting the modules I do not use. And same thing… they came back. Not sure now.


One last question… I have other disabled modules. I am not warned about any others. Why would Queues being disabled be the only one tagged a critical error and show up in the Dashboard as such. Or why would a disabled firewall cause such for only disabled Queues?



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