Remove the + from incoming calls (from bandwidth) &/or allow +1 calling from yealink phones

Ok, setup a new fpbx 15 for a client, using bandwidth as the upstream carrier and they send calls in as e164 format, so the phones (yealink sip-t29g) get the call with the +1 on it, so if after a call is hung up, i go to history and try to redial a number from the history, the call fails cuz it has the full +1xxxxxxxxxx in there. If I hand dial just the number, it works fine, but if i select it from the history, with the +1, it doesn’t work. How to fix this?

I figured it out…I just added a new dial pattern to the outbound route: +1NXXNXXXXXX

This works for the purpose of making the outbound call from the history on the phone, but there may be a better way to remove the + from the get go, so this isn’t needed…I thought adding context=from-pstn-e164-us to the sip settings on the trunk would do it & I believe on a fpbx 13 system I have this works, but it doesn’t appear to be working on this new fpbx 15 system…IDK? Any advise?

It certainly should. That’s the purpose of that inbound context.

Double-check that your E164 context is in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf. The name may have changed after some internationalization opportunities over the past couple of years.

Works same as it always has in 15. Provide a call trace from the beginning using pastebin:

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