Remove stand-by on closed lid laptop

Hello everyone,
sorry for the “off-topic”, but i googled a lot and i founded some command line to achieve what i want but the terminal just says “command not found” …

Any idea on how to make sure that closing the lid of the laptop where i’ve installed my FreePBx systems wont take any action?
I just need to close the lid so so that I can place the laptop where I want without taking up space…

here are two similar solution i’ve founded in two differents sites (both written in italian but the line-code are in english so i think you will get the point)

p.s. tried the " Configuration File Editor" but obv it doesnt show the files i need…

From a shell prompt, does the file /etc/systemd/logind.conf exist? If not, please post distribution (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.) and version.

If the file exists but your system does not have nano, use another editor (vim, emacs, whatever is on your system and you know how to use).

Configuration File Editor is only for FreePBX and Asterisk files and is not applicable here.

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Thanks to your answares i managed to google a lot and find out what to do!
I’m sooo thankfull man, really appreciated!

for whoever will need the same, here are some super usefull links

Navigating and Working with Files:
File Permissions:
Open/Edit/Save files:

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