Remove + sign from caller id on incoming calls

I have been able to follow the posted instructions for removing the + sign from the caller ID of incoming calls and it works fine on my CHAN_SIP trunk.

On new deployments, I am trying to use PJ_SIP trunks but I have not been able to figure out how to accomplish the same on PJ_SIP.

Any tips would be appreciated.

I’m confused by your post. The usual way of handling this is pointing the trunk to a context such as
or a similar custom one for your country.

This has nothing to do with chan_sip or pjsip. You could even use it on an iax trunk, without any changes. If you are having trouble, please provide details.

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Sorry for the confusion. Here is the way I understand it from what I have seen in the community posts.

To remove the plus sign from the caller ID. You would need to visit the TRUNKS section of FreePBX. From there you add the line you referenced in the Peer Details section. I have done this for those CHAN_SIP trunks that I have created in the past and it works great.

On this FreePBX, I am not using a CHAN_SIP trunk. I am using a PJ_SIP trunk and on the setup for that trunk, there is no Peer Details section that would allow me to enter from-pstn-e164-us. So that is where I get confused.

I have read that I can just add it to the sip.conf file but when I pull that up in FreePBX it makes it very clear that I should not make any changes to that file.

So that being said, I don’t know where to add that line to remove the + sign. I hope that helps. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I am assuming that you want to remove the + sign because you can’t redial the caller. To fix that you go into outbound routes, dial patterns, copy 1NXXNXXXXXX into the pattern, then in the prefix put +. This will allow you to redial calls. Removing the + is quite a bit complicated and not really worth it.

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I knew that I must be over complicating it. THANK YOU!

Thank you! This was great information to have and I will add this to my notes, as well.

There are dozens of reasons to remove the e164 dialing rules. Adding them back for outbound calls on a “per trunk” basis is perfectly reasonable. You should normalize all of your inbound CID entries into a set format so you have them stored once.

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