Remove rss feeds or news from ucp homepage & remove contacts tab

I want to give a client access to ucp for her extension, but I only want her to have “Endpoint Settings” once she logs in.

I don’t want the “freepbx” news and “inside the asterisk” news feeds on the ucp homepage after login, how to remove these for this user?

and also, How to remove the “Contacts” under home on the left menu from ucp.

So, what I’d like to achieve is, when she logs in, she gets blank vanilla homepage, and only one menu option on the left under home “Endpoint Settings”, she can click on that and remotely enable/disable call forwarding, that’s all I’m trying to accomplish.

You want Call Forwarding enable/disable to be manageable through a webpage? I could have sworn we just (like in the last two weeks) walked another guy through this exact same scenario. @lgaetz has wriiten a couple of different, similar solutions to this (if I’m understanding your need) so that you don’t need to modify UCP to make this happen - you just hook her up with the web page.

Settings -> Advanced Settings -> RSS Feeds

Thanks Lorne, that did work for the rss feeds. What about how to hide the “contacts” tab on the ucp left menu under home? How to hide that?

Dave, what is said web page you speak of? I do not want her to have access to the admin gui if thats what you’re referring to.

To be clear - it isn’t “A” webpage, it’s the web page you write to implement the code that Lorne put together to turn DND (or any simple settings) on and off.

Basically, you write a page that takes a password (I assume) and them a couple of radio buttons with your extensions and click “On”/“Off”. The page runs a “system()” function that executes the ‘rasterisk’ command you want to execute.

For simple one-off stuff like this, it’s easier for you to write it. There are lots of templates out there to help you do it in whatever language you’re comfortable.

To be clear - this doesn’t need to be a “FreePBX” thing. It’s a straight Asterisk thing that anyone (even non-FreePBX sites) can do.

I don’t know if disabling the Contacts menu option is supported in 13. If you can’t block it in User Management, then you probably can’t disable it. If you don’t need the Contacts module, and it’s not a required dependency of any modules you do need, you can disable it in Module Admin.

FreePBX 14 UCP is totally redesigned and you don’t have this issue.

Yeah, I’ve got a web developer that can write me something like that, but that’s a bit more involved than simply making a few changes to ucp and giving customer ucp access in my opinion, but long term it may be a cleaner looking solution.

Ah, you would think that. The problem is your expectation that UCP should be hyper-restrictable isn’t borne out in practice. When the guys designed and wrote UCP, they were going for maximum access - they were trying to give anything in UCP to everyone. You’re trying to carve out a single UCP Interface and give that to a single individual.

Now, submitting a Feature Request is a viable option and, if you want to pursue it, would be the right way to go. I’m not advocating against you asking that this feature not be added.

One other idea - instead of using UCP, you can extend the paradigm a little bit by hooking this up as a phone app (for example), a simple web-app, a progressive webapp, or all three. If you did that, you could get away from having UCP open more than it needs to be. There are REST API Interfaces, Command Line interfaces, and so many other tools that could be used to extend what is arguably a simple interface (OBB webpage) and push it to a place that actually allows you to control a lot of this “Caller Admin” stuff.

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