Remove Follow Me from UCP

Any way for me to remove “Find Me/Follow Me” from UCP endpoint settings?

User is still allow for Call Forwarding, Call Waiting & Do Not Disturb settings, but “Follow Me” will be under admin management.

No because Follow-Me is a user setting that is meant for the user to control.

Submit a feature request. Maybe they’ll add a setting for it. You never know till you ask.

Thanks, I will submit for a feature request.

I’m prefer Follow Me under “Admin” or “Manager” management.

As for a department manager, he may need to ensure an incoming call always answer by team members. So he will apply a proper follow me setting to the extensions which under his control.
If user can also make the changes, he may choose do not take this responsibility.

The hack is to locate the folder:


and rename or delete it then apply config. Voila, FMFM is gone from UCP until the module is upgraded again.

To make the @lgaetz more permanent and much harder to find, you could add a cron job that deletes (rm -f) the file every morning. That way, when you run the update, the file will get deleted if it is there during the normal run of your cron jobs.

Note that this will effectively make FMFM impossible to add back if you forget about the cron job.

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