Remote VPN phone (another country)


We have a SangomaOS PBX (build from .ISO).
Been up and working for years.

SIP trunk (circuit) for all calls.

All phones are remote to the PBX (but not VPN).
Nearly all phones are Yealink SIP-T29G units.

The concern:

We have one remote phone (Yealink) which is a VPN remote phone.
This phone has worked for a long time, but recently the end user is reporting in these stranger conditions.

NOTE: The user does not log into the UI of her Yealink or the PBX, so no changes have been made.

Making a call:

  1. When she picks up the handset to make a call: no dial tone (just dead air). Her phone is not loosing registration during the day.
  2. If she wants to call out: she needs to dial 1st and then press speaker to make the call because the handset is not working.

Receiving a call:

  1. When the phone rings: she has to answer it with speakerphone.
  2. While on speakerphone: sometimes she can switch to handset.
  3. She cannot transfer a call: locked to speakerphone.

This user knows how to make/receive calls because she is the normal “front desk”, and she makes/takes calls all day. I tend to think she really has a grasp at dealing with calls for years now with her Yealink phone.

I was thinking about asking her to send me a .CFG of her phone and loading that onto another phone to see if this phone has the same concerns when using her .CFG.

Thanks for any tips.

I suspect a hardware failure as mostly (apart from 1. While on speakerphone: SOMETIMES she can switch to handset.) The handset is not working, have her change/wiggle connectors on the curly cord.

Interesting update:

I am getting her a new curly cord, and she is trying to find one too.

Since her phone is a VPN-client peer …
I decided to try something I’ve not done in a long time.

I kept her phone a VPN-client but I changed the registration IP from going to 10.x.x.x to the normal public IP of the PBX for registration.
I kept it a VPN-client: so I could reach it remotely to make changes.

registering to the public IP vs the 10.x.x.x IP:
Her phone started to work normally after this: BLF lights came on, handset started working (no force to speakerphone).

This survived for a few reboots: but it seems it is going back to forcing speakerphone on most calls.

Sounds like you might be needing new bits on both ends of the curly cord :slight_smile:

Is she using PoE to power the phone or an AC adapter AKA wall wart. If the curley cord or it’s connectors are good then I would bet if she’s using a wall wart it’s the wall wart starting to fail.

Yes. She is using an AC adapter (no PoE).
Good point.

AC adapter replacement is in order.
Thank you.

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