Remote SSH backup debugging - how?

Is there anywhere I can look for additional information when a remote SSH (SFTP) backup fails, to understand why it died?

It’s working more than it’s failing but I’ve had a number of intermittent failures recently.

In the /var/log/asterisk/backup.log file it completes the creation of the tar file, and seems to start transferring it, then just dies with no useful reason given, only “Status: Failure [] []”:

[2023-10-31 23:15:20] [0b029758-63ed-4e45-948b-e113125978f6.INFO]: Finished Cleaning up [] []
[2023-10-31 23:15:20] [0b029758-63ed-4e45-948b-e113125978f6.INFO]: Finished created backup file: 20231031-231502-1698794102- [] []
[2023-10-31 23:16:12] [0b029758-63ed-4e45-948b-e113125978f6.DEBUG]: Generated Backup process result email to [email protected],[email protected]. Status: Failure [] []

Can you tell us what you have for your ssh server’s settings from Backup and Restore->Servers->Your SSH Server? Also, does the path you have set there already exist on the backup server? Is there any chance the remote server is not reachable at certain times?

Also, do you see any log activity on the SSH server side when the connection is established/attempted? I’m not sure what you’re using for your SSH server, but you’d see some messages in /var/log/secure if it was a FreePBX or CentOS type of system.

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