Remote Polycom Phone Setup

I have A pOLYCOM 550 phones and I am trying to connect the phone to my Freepbx server running the latest software. I do not know how to provision the phone and my local system to let the external IP connect and be an extension on my system.

I am looking to know what fields to populate on the phones and what fields to utilize on my system. I have NAT to yes on both and have opened 5060 and 10k-20k ports to the phone IP. is that necessary on the remote end?

I do have firewall running etc. I am not seeing it attempt to register at all.

Thank you for the help

are you manually programming the phone? if yes you would be better served if you coughed up $75 and bought the end point manager. you can configure the phone from there and then assuming you have ftp setup and running on your server and you have the ftp ports forwarding in your router and ftp enabled in the pbx firewall you can simply point the phone at the external ip address of the pbx (router) and the phone will update its firmware (if required) and then load its config and register with your pbx. if you do not intend to use the pbx to provision your phones, then under “lines” populate the server address with the external ip of your pbx, enter the display name, user name and password. you will eventually want to setup the mwi as well.

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Thanks I was thinking of ordering the endpoint manager. I will try that had always done manually before. I also looked at there basic bundle package but I really don’t need soe of the other apps.

the $75 is well worth the money. it will make your life much easier. the only tip i will give you is to use ftp to provision the polycom phones. the firmware and possibly the bootrom are very large and don’t load if you use tftp.

as to other paid modules, i guess that is up to you and depends on your level of experience. the sysadmin pro might also be worth taking a look at. it will help you with ftp setup as well as updates. if you are comfortable with linux and command line stuff then you can skip the sysadmin pro. but whether you purchase the sysadmin pro or not be sure to register the pbx as this will give you access to the basic sys admin features

After I get the module, can you explain what settings must be set internally in admin etc. to make sure FTP is working and that I can connect to the phones on the other network? I have two remote phones in the other office, and the server is in another office. I am just unclear as to what else needs to be setup in order to make sure the phones communicate.

Thank you

as is often said on here, google is your friend. setting up ftp is pretty straightforward. if you don’t want to mess with it, spend the money on sysadmin pro as that will setup ftp for you. then just make sure ftp is enabled in the firewall, configure the end point manager (global settings, template, firmware), configure the phones in the extension settings. if you have a decent router where the phones are at, set dhcp option 160 to be ftp://userid:[email protected] ip address and away you go.

make sure you have the ip address of where the phones are coming from in the trusted network section of the firewall and that you allow ftp through the firewall.

to test if ftp is setup correctly, make sure your ip address is in the trusted network section, open a browser and put ftp://ip address of your pbx into the address bar and hit enter. it should bring up a log in screen. enter the user id and password you created as the ftp user id/password. this should then display the contents of /tftpboot.

Thank you for the assistance.