Remote Polycom phone can call out but not receive any calls


Loc 1
FreePBX behind Sonicwall
15 users on LAN work fine.

Loc 2
2 users, not VPN, with 2 Polycom soundpoints.
Both users can dial out on their Polycoms.
I setup x-lite as test, and both can send and receive calls via the x-lite. Turn that off, and the polycom can only send.

Both users cannot dial each others ext
Both users cannot receive call

When I run this from on the box - I notice that those 2 extensions show UNREGISTERED and are trying to register on different ports: 47819 and 11829.
They change after awhile but never 5060
All other LOC 1 phones register at 5060

What do I have to do to make those 2 polycom’s at loc 2, register correctly and work from remote office?
What is it about having a polycom on a remote site not registering correctly but x-lite can do just fine?

They have more polycom’s and are going to want to open 2 more 2-3 person remote locations.

Thanks all.

  • Garett

what does your sip_nat.conf look like?