Remote PJSIP Extensions Not Staying Registered


A friend of mine ended up moving offices. He doesn’t have his own ISP at his new office, so we left his PBX and other network infrastructure at his old office. He is plugged into a neighbor’s network at the new office, so there is no control over the gateway. I have asked the MSP for that network to confirm if SIP ALG is enabled…which they said “it’s not enabled” to.

His PJSIP S705’s are not staying registered. It feels like they’re “fighting” for registration.

I have set “use random port” on the phone UI’s…since we have multiple S705’s registering remotely over the NAT…but not sure if it’s working. I did this by editing the basefile in endpoint manager, since that doesn’t seem to be an editable setting in the GUI.

Here are the PJSIP logs, please let me know what else it would be helpful to provide.


The local network at the remote office is. and not included in my local networks on Asterisk SIP Settings.

All of the extension’s Advanced tabs are configured like this:

What model router? I have this issue regularly with SonicWALL devices… They are very aggressive about closing UDP sessions.

It is in-fact a Sonicwall! Any specifics I can ask the MSP to change? I’m a Palo Alto & Cisco guy.

Or use TCP for SIP


Thank you. I changed to TCP by enabling it in PJSIP Settings under Advanced Sip Settings, and changing the SIP Transport parameter in the basefile in EPM. I modified the NAT policies on their Palo Alto to allow the TCP, and now they are in business.

Edit: This reaffirms my refusal to purchase or advocate for a Sonicwall product ever.

+1 and not just because of VoIP

+1 from me also they have been truly ‘arrogant bastards’ although demonstrably incorrect for many years when it comes to VOIP.

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