Remote Phones BLF hints

I am using a PBXact 60 with remote Sangoma S700 phones (they are over a forced hardware IPSec VPN. Dont ask.) so really they would be treated locally.

Everything works feature wise on them. We use the Phone Apps (Voicemail, Parking, DND, Call Forwarding) and it seems that the BLF hints are working on them. Parking is not green, its just out and does not turn red when someone is there, DND does not go red when enabled, same for voicemail and Call forwarding.)


Might anyone know where to start looking to fix this. Its a little annoying to the customer. I did try and reload the phones, there is a full communication with no blocking over the VPN.

I had a similar issue with the S700 / S500 phones with the BLF but that was straight remote phones behind an Ubiquiti Edgerouter, a simple reboot of the phone worked. Now On the Watchguard I had to enable SIP ALG and it works flawless. I also Have a location that uses IPSEC Site to Site VPN with Sangoma S700 phones and I don’t have a problem with BLF or any of the Phone Feature apps. Everything was straight out of the box but I did put in Local IP Network in the Responsive Firewall as a local trusted network.