Remote phone wont register!


Just as quick disclaimer, i am completely new to FreePBX.

I am trying to configure a remote phone to connect into a central office.

I have setup the phone (grandstream gxp2000) with the central office’s external IP in both the proxy and sip server setting.

The router at the central office (Draytek) is configured to nat:


through to the phone server. Which is an SME server running FreePBX.

I’m pretty confident that the extension is setup right, the phone is setup right and NAT is all setup. I am not confident at all that the server is setup correctly to recieve from an external IP.

Basically guys, thats all the information, i cannot get this phone to register for the life of me and my boss is pressing me on this.

Fire away with any questions you have.

Cheers, Charlie

You may have the ports forwarded via NAT settings on the Draytek but do you actually have the firewall rules on the Draytek to allow the ports though?

Also do you have the PBX set (in SIP Settings) for NAT? You need to have the server set for NAT with the Internal networks defined and the external address of the firewall defined as well (on the PBX that is).

Also the extensions should also be set to NAT=yes.

The draytek is definitely setup right, we work with them regularly, and i have had a colleague look at it to make sure i wasn’t going insane.

In terms of having the server set for NAT. I have all internal networks defined, and i have the external IP for the central office there. Do i need to put the external IP of the remote office anywhere?

the extension is set to NAT=yes.

Thanks for getting back to me Lee, i appreciate the help. (more would be nice!)


sip set debug peer XXXX

where XXXX = the extension of this set OR

sip set debug ip xx.xx.xx.xx

where xx.xx.xx.xx = IP of this set… check out the debug messages, you will always get a good hint from there…

Do i need to add the external ip of the remote office into any config file or setting anywhere?

Also I have just done ‘sip set debug peer 501’ and it returned ‘unable to get IP address of peer ‘501’’

The phone is switched on and everything is set up to the best of my knowledge! but it still doesnt seem to be getting anything :frowning:

Check Hostname in your Extensions Settings within FreePBX corresponding extension. Furthermore, check if you can Ping extension from Asterisk and vice versa…

You don’t need to IP address of the remote site defined anywhere.

If you can Ping both server and client from each other, try to put client ip phone’s IP in ‘Host’ field under Device Options within FreePBX, for that particular Extension. This may enable you direct calls even without registration, but honestly speaking, it doesn’t seem to be a registration issue. It’s your network.

I dont know how to ping from asterisk, but i can ping from each site to the other successfully.

What other information do you need to be able to help?

Im relying on you guys helping me.

What further information do you need?

Quit Asterisk and go to Linux Shell, try ping xx.xx.xx.xx where xx.xx.xx.xx = your IP Phone’s IP.

Hi Max,

Thanks for your help so far. It just hangs when pinging the external IP of the remote office. i assume that means i cant. Internally it can ping its default gateway fine.