Remote phone configuration

On my two-year old FreePBX install, I handled remote phones (all Aastra) but starting the ftpd and pointing to /tftpboot as the root. I created an account with long login names and passwords and the phones ftp into the server and get their configuration data. Works great.

Now I’m trying BETA-6.12.65-15 with Asterisk 12 and an Endpoint license and want to make sure that is still a good way to go, that there isn’t a better/easier way.

Any input would be welcome.

If you go into sysadmin module you can enable FTP their and set the username and password to use in EPM and the FTP already points to the correct spot.

LOL, he just dinged me another $25 for Sysadmin Pro. I could do this
manually but I’ll just give them the $25, it goes to a good cause.