Remote pbx appearing with local CID

With my local pbx extension 303 I dial a remote pbx extension via Iax trunk
As the remote pbx already has an ext.303 , the called party receives my call as if I were his local 303/name extension.
Why is this ? Is there something misconfigured ?
Or any workaround ?

Using the ‘from-internal’ context with duplicate endpoints is not recommended, logs and 'dialplan show . . . ’ would expose the call progress.

The intracompany route option controls which cid the call is made with. Disabling it will probably resolve this provided all extensuons have an extwrnal cid defined.

I did few tests
With Intra-Company set, there is no way to solve issue, in fact : “preserving the internal CallerID information instead of the outbound CID of either the extension or trunk”.
With Intra-Company NOT set, the external CID is passed to remote pbx :
if extension CID is NOT set, the extno. is passed so issue is still present
if extension CID is only a name, this will be displayed along pbx IP as CID
if extension CID is “name <myCID>” , both “name” and “myCID” will be displayed on remote phone.
Thank you,

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