Remote-Party-ID SIP header

In the FreePBX web interface ( if the Outbound CID is not set for a particular Extension then it seems that the “Display Name” is used as the call ID.

Can anyone suggest what modifications ought to be made to the [macro-user-callerid] part of the dialplan in order for the call being passed out to the trunk to use the CALLERID specified by the device originating the call to be used if there is no Outbound CID being explicitly used? (this info could come from either the “From” or “Remote-Party-ID” sip headers, which ever is defined)

I think it has something to do with SIP_HEADER and the CALLERID functions, but I just can’t figure it out.

But then again, does the dialplan even need to be modified to simply allow the end-point connected to the phone system to specify the outbound CallerID, can this be done by point and clicking?

In FreePBX the End Point CID has no meaning other then to tell FreePBX which “FreePBX Device” this is so it can associate it with a user. In order to get around bogus CID information being sent out a trunk, you should always set the trunk’s CID to a default. That value will only be used if there is no other outbound CID provided. For more details on the End Point CID, go to the Technical Corner and read the article on Devices and Users I wrote a few weeks ago.

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Hi Philippe - Thanks for the response, just to clarify i might have a setup like:

SIP Phone (extn200) -> connected to -> Asterisk w/ FreePBX -> connected to -> Trunk to SIP provider.

If the SIP phone says to asterisk, my caller id is “Mickey Mouse” but is registered in FreePBX as Extn200, what i’m after is a way to instruct freepbx to respect the caller id passed from the SIP Phone itself. This CallerID should be passed over to the trunk as the call is setup. Are we talking about the same thing?


You are trying to use FreePBX in a way it was not designed to be used. The point of the End Point CID is to lookup what User or Emergency Callerid should be used with that device. Read Here it explains things. If your desire is to always use the CID that is associated with the End Point, then copy that CID into the Emergency CID field and mark every route as an emergency route.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx