Remote hints between 2 servers

I have to FreePBX server, and i would like my 57i from one location to see if a remote server extension is on the phone or ringing, is it possible with FreePBX?? Those two server are linked togheter with a IAX2 trunk. thanx a lot!

You will need to open SIP between the 2 servers. On your 57i create an extension on the remote box on another line and, of course, set up the extension on the remote box. Now you can monitor extensions on the remote box with Aastra’s BLF feature. Just point it to the line set up on the remote box.

This options isn’t really usable on a multiple phone system, what i was looking for is more somethings like a deamon monitoring both machine and sending the notify request to the other machine! On trixbox forum a user have created one but i don’t seems to get it to work on FreePBX. Here is the link to the page.

Is it doable on FreePBX, or is it possible to create a module for remote server connection? Thanx!