Remote extensions through VPN


What must be the settings for remote extensions when there is site-to-site VPN connection between them ?

The extensions are considered to be local to the FreePBX system so in Asterisk SIP settings need to be defined.

Also do i 've to setup nat=yes in the extension settings ?


VPN devices are indistinguishable from local network devices in a different broadcast area.

nat=yes is deprecated. If Asterisk is on same intranet, the default should be acceptable, as this doesn’t involve any address translation.

So for remote extensions that are connected through VPN to the main site the only thing that is need to define the network as local in Asterisk SIP settings ?

In the following setup nat shoulb be set to yes or not for phone2 ?


Thanks for your answer

nat should be left unset in this case. nat should never be set to yes, but rather to the individual settings actually needed.

Setting it to yes may be relatively harmless, as it doesn’t actually change the addresses used. It’s equivalent to setting force_rport and comedia, I believe.

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