Remote extensions on queues


I have 3 freebpx servers, they are working together tru a SIP trunk,

server 1 - uses extensions 1xxx
server 2 - uses extensions 2xx
server 3 - uses extensions 3xx

I have queues on each server with several static extensions. Some queues have extensions from the other servers. Everything works ok but the problem I have is when one of the remote extensions is busy. Rather than just registering that it is busy (as it does with the local extensions) the call from the queue gets put through to the buys extensions voicemail. If one of the local extensions is busy it is ignored and the other phones keep ringing.

If I disable voicemail on the remote extensions then everything works as you would expect.

Any ideas on how to make this works ok without having to disable the voicemail?

Use the ‘confirm calls’ option in the queues is the supported way of doing this.

thanks, that kinda worked… I just tested and the call was not redirected to the voicemail if the user is busy, however, I got a voicemail from the call confirmation… is there any way to disable that?