Remote Extension vs Second FreePBX Server

I am looking into setting up a remote extension (X Lite for now, but eventually switching over to a dedicated SIP phone probably) and I would like to poll the audience:
A) Set up a second FreePBX server and connect it to my existing server
B) Stick with a remote extension

Pros/Cons I already forsee are:
A) More resilient, if the original site goes down (internet outage, etc), this phone/location will still work. But it will be another box to setup and maintain.

B) Cheaper, but problems if the main site goes down/bad inet connection.

The problem I am trying to solve is a mix of “Away from [home] office” (Xlite) and “Second, less used [home] office” (i.e. vacation home).

Thanks for your input.

I think you already have the pros/cons. So the decision would revolve around:

  1. How reliable is your main location and its internet connection?
  2. How important is it for the remote site to have survivability?

You could always add a second Sip account to the remote phone, connected to a public sip service, so that the remote phone could (by switching “lines”), still be used to dial out (and receive calls on the alternate number).