Remote Digium phones



We’re using FreePBX 13.0.197
with Digium Addons
and DPMA 3.4.1

We just opened a remote office.

In the remote office, we have a few Digium phones I want to connect to the FreePBX server in HQ.

HQ firewall forwards 5060 to the FreePBX server, both TCP and UDP.

In FreePBX > Applications > Extensions
I have set NAT MODE to YES in the extensions which will be accessed remotely.

Then I launch my test phone (D70).
Input the FreePBX WAN IP as configuration server.
I get requested for password for extension list as expected.
I input the password, get extension list, select my « phone », then input phone password, all seems to be great!
Waiting for the phone to reboot…………. And nothing works.

I get the logo for some reason?? But that’s the only thing right.

None of my extensions show up, only « Digium » with a disconnected « hollowed silhouette » thing.

So I figure maybe it’s a network / subnet problem?

HQ network is
Remote office network is

So in FreePBX > Connectivity > Digium Phones > Networks
I add

Then in FreePBX > Connectivity > Digium Phones > Phones
I add those new networks to my test phone (D70) at the remote office

I factory default reset the D70 and do the whole thing again.
Now upon reboot, all my extensions show up!
I can make a call and receive a call!

But, a few things still don’t work:

  • Most importantly : the Rapid Dial Key Phonebook doesn’t work! The right side of the D70 phone, where all the Rapid Dial Key should be, is completely blank
  • Custom Ringtones don’t work, only the system one
  • Firmware upgrade doesn’t work

What am I doing wrong?

I was looking for a guide how to use the Digium Addons Module and DPMA with remote phones and I have found nothing, is there such a thing?

PS : I tried to send everything through a VPN before and there was so much jitter it was not possible to use.

However, I do have a working OpenVPN tunnel, so maybe for some things other than VOIP (firmware upgrade, etc) I could use it.


Any from Digium could be able to help?

(Dave Burgess) #3

This is the FreePBX forum (a user forum). Not saying you won’t get any help here, but you should probably back this up with a support ticket with Sangoma/Digium.