Remote Digium phones


We’re using FreePBX 13.0.197
with Digium Addons
and DPMA 3.4.1

We just opened a remote office.

In the remote office, we have a few Digium phones I want to connect to the FreePBX server in HQ.

HQ firewall forwards 5060 to the FreePBX server, both TCP and UDP.

In FreePBX > Applications > Extensions
I have set NAT MODE to YES in the extensions which will be accessed remotely.

Then I launch my test phone (D70).
Input the FreePBX WAN IP as configuration server.
I get requested for password for extension list as expected.
I input the password, get extension list, select my « phone », then input phone password, all seems to be great!
Waiting for the phone to reboot…………. And nothing works.

I get the logo for some reason?? But that’s the only thing right.

None of my extensions show up, only « Digium » with a disconnected « hollowed silhouette » thing.

So I figure maybe it’s a network / subnet problem?

HQ network is
Remote office network is

So in FreePBX > Connectivity > Digium Phones > Networks
I add

Then in FreePBX > Connectivity > Digium Phones > Phones
I add those new networks to my test phone (D70) at the remote office

I factory default reset the D70 and do the whole thing again.
Now upon reboot, all my extensions show up!
I can make a call and receive a call!

But, a few things still don’t work:

  • Most importantly : the Rapid Dial Key Phonebook doesn’t work! The right side of the D70 phone, where all the Rapid Dial Key should be, is completely blank
  • Custom Ringtones don’t work, only the system one
  • Firmware upgrade doesn’t work

What am I doing wrong?

I was looking for a guide how to use the Digium Addons Module and DPMA with remote phones and I have found nothing, is there such a thing?

PS : I tried to send everything through a VPN before and there was so much jitter it was not possible to use.

However, I do have a working OpenVPN tunnel, so maybe for some things other than VOIP (firmware upgrade, etc) I could use it.

Any from Digium could be able to help?

This is the FreePBX forum (a user forum). Not saying you won’t get any help here, but you should probably back this up with a support ticket with Sangoma/Digium.