Remote CDR setup with an Azure server

Fpbx 10.13.66-22
Asterisk 13.18.0

I setup a connection to an Azure mySql server per the WIKI. There were no errors thrown when I ran the Fwconsole start as the last step. I do not have access to the Azure DB, others set it up. I am told that there is no data in the remote table. I did a sql dump of the table, to get the table setup correctly. Before I tried this with a customer machine I created a lamp system on Vultr and was successful in getting this to work. I even had the ability to see the CDR info on the local system. There is no data being saved or at least available for a cdr report locally.

So has anyone done this to an Azure system? There are no mysqld logs to look at, at least where I could find them.