Remote Backup / Restore and SIP settings

Hello All,

I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish getting the asterisk external SIP IP setting to remain the same after a restore, or to reset it after a restore so that the backup server can correctly handle the media.

Server 1 - runs in the client environment
Server 2 - runs in a Data center, it does a remote backup of server 1 daily, then restores the backup to itself. This provides all of the extensions, did’s routes, trunks etc but it also restores the SIP settings from Server 1.
Should a call come in to server 2 because server 1 can’t be contacted, it answers the call, routes to what it should in respect to voicemail, IVR etc BUT since SIP is wrong there is no media or they basically can’t hear anything. If you login manually to the box, change the SIP IP setting to the Server 2 IP address all works correctly.

Thus my question of how can I restore what is required and then “reset” the SIP IP address?