Remote backup and SIP Settings bug


I have an issue with remote backups. I’m trying to setup a “Warm Spare” configuration as outlined in these instructions.

Most of it is pretty straight forward. The issue I’m running into is the “Exclude NAT settings” option when backing up production server with a warm spare (henceforth referred to as spare server). When this option is selected, the IP Address of the spare server doesn’t change (which is what it is supposed to do). However, the External IP Address references in Settings>Asterisk SIP Settings> Chan SIP Settings is changed to the primary IP Address.

This issue has come up in the forums before, but there appears to be no resolution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There may be a simple work around by excluding the settings from the backup, or running a hook, but I don’t know which values those are.

P.S. Both the Production and Spare server are running on FreePBX

@Dan2731, Can you file a ticket at and we can have someone take a look.

I found someone had already posted the issue, but it was closed without being resolved.

I reopened the issue, you can find it here.

Also, for anyone coming here with the same problem, I found a work around. In the backups, you can exclude files or Mysql tables from being backed up. This is what the exclude field on the backups page is for. I found the Advanced Sip settings are passed to the backup in two locations, one in a config file and one in a Mysql table.

Here are the files you need to put into the Exclude field so you don’t pass them on to the Warm Spare.

For the directory __ASTETCDIR__ list the file “sip_general_additional.conf” without quotes in the exclude field.

For the Mysql Config Server put “sipsettings” into the Exclude field.

One more thing to know. If you do this, your advanced settings will not be passed along to your Warm Spare Server. This is usually OK since people don’t make changes their that often. If you do want to make changes, just remember that you need to do it manually to both servers.

I hope this is helpful.