Remote acess to freepbx server GUI

Ok, so how would i remotely access my freepbx server GUI/webpage? I’m running freepbx Is this even possible? and on a side note, how well does it work if I make a copy of the hard drive my server has and use it to set up a second freepbx server?

The best way is to setup a VPN tunnel. You could use putty to ssh in and access the GUI too.

If you clone the drive correctly it should work on other hardware.

how do i set up a VPN tunnel, and does it hurt me if i’m running unbuntu server 12.04

If you want to use a VPN often the easiest way is utilizing your firewall. Almost all modern routers include a VPN server.

If you want a software VPN, I am sure that Unbuntu has OpenVPN.

If all you want to do is access web pages then simply open up SSH to the outside world (I suggest you change default port 22 to something else) then use the Putty client (free for download). Under the SSH menu you can setup a SOCKS proxy that your browser can use to access httpd servers at the other end of the SSH connection.

Here is an article: