Remote Access to freepbx without port forwarding

Just thought i would share my £40 solution for remote programming without port forwarding.
Buy a Raspberry Pi 3 -install raspbian os - install putty for Raspberry Pi and Teamviewer for Pi (Chromium Web Browser is already Installed).
You should now be able to access the pi with teamviewer and either use chromium for web gui or putty.
Might help someone.

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Thanks for sharing I was recently thinking about setting up a small computer for this type of thing and never crossed my mind to use a Pi!

That’s a cool idea. But you could just skip the Pi and install Teamviewer directly on your machine?

Yes - but you wouldn’t have a web browser to work with unless you installed gnome (or similar) which isn’t recomended for a server.

Why would you do this and not just port forward ?

Personally we have a server that acts as a monitoring platform and remote access platform so customers only have to allow 1 known ip address through the firewall access to site and we access via that using a reverse port forward for access to the GUI or Console.
Works happily from Laptops Ipads and iphones.

Cool PI idea.
Yet, I change public port numbers, and restrict access at the server to allow only a very small number of public IP addresses via iptables.
A hacker would have to know, and then spoof, my remote IP address and the modified port number to access remotely; not to mention credentials.

I use ZeroTier to create a private network.

Installs just fine on FreePBX 14.

I wrote these Instructions, don’t worry about it saying Fedora, it works the same on CentOS.

Looks like this.

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