Remote Access for Time Condition

I need to be able to change the Time Condition for the office IVR. How can I dial-in to the office and trigger the Time Condition to change? I have tried to enter *279 and the response is an invalid command.

Thank you,

Set up a DISA, and call into the DISA, then execute the code. A Misc Application or Misc Destination (can’t remember which one) coupled with an IVR might also work.

If you have day/night settings already you could setup a ring group that you can dial into. Put *279# (the hash is needed) as the only entry in the ring group and that should work.

Havn’t tried it, But misc applications seems the way to go.

I did what you suggested, however, it is not working. Please assist:

Group Description:Remote IVR
Ring Strategy: ringall
Ring Time (max 300 sec) 20
Extension List:*279#
Extension Quick Pick
Play Music On Hold ring
CID Name Prefix:
Alert Info:
Ignore CF Settings:
Skip Busy Agent:
Enable Call Pickup:
Confirm Calls: default
Remote Announce: default
Too-Late Announce: default
Change External CID Configuration

Mode: default
Fixed CID Value:
Call Recording

Record Calls: On Demand

Destination if no answer:

Voicemail <6141> 6141 (busy)

Thanks for your help in advance.