Remote Aastra 6731i won't stay registered

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I don’t do a lot of work with Aastra phones but I’ve got a remote 6731i phone that will register for a minute or two and then drop off. There are Grandstream and Yealink phones behind the firewall with no problems. The phone can call out but soon can’t receive calls. Am I missing some NAT setting within the phone? Any Aastra help would be greatly appreciated. I’m running FreePBX14 and asterisk 13 if that matters.

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what channel driver is it using and is it using the latest firmware ?

two things ive done in the past that have helped:

  1. try changing the local sip port for the phone … something like 5062
  2. try changing the transport to TCP

ps - are you configuring by hand or with EPM ?


In addition to Chris’ suggestions, you may want to check the value for SIP registration expiration/period. You may want to try a setting of 2 minutes if it’s something higher. Or, compare it to what you have set on the phones that don’t have the issue. It’s possible that the nat tunnel closes, and re-registration is not happening often enough.

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