Reloading Ring Groups Only

I just have a basic question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. We have a custom program that changes a user’s ring group based on their current status within our call center. We have grown to a point now that we have enough users changing status that we are noticing some lag because we have to reload the pbx for each ring group change.

The question is, is there a way to reload specifically the ring group module or the module where the ring group is through the AMI so we can prevent lag in other area’s?

Just a thought, might it not be easier to use a queue rather than a ring group?
The user can then be set as a dynamic agent and log in/out of the queue as required which will be instant. I changed most of our ring groups to queues because it gives more flexibility.

OK, FreePBX prepares the file in /etc/asterisk and a “reload” will “commit” them by both reloading the files and in the background updating the “asterisk database” which is currently an sqlite3 database

But Asterisk per se doesn’t give a damn about FreePBX’ machinations, but RG’s et al etc are read from the current Sqlite3 database.

To shortcircuit the reload then either update the SQlite3 database in realtime, the result will be immediate, and then if necessary commit back to FreePBX when convenient.

(rasterisk -x ‘database show’)

And you can control the queues via the AMI?

Of course