Reload Chan SIP

Dear All,

Appreciate if Some one could help me to reload chan sip (executing “SIP RELOAD” Command) remotely.
for this I know, I have to SSH to FreePBX Server and then log in to asterisk (asterisk -vvvvvr) finally run “SIP RELOAD” command.
So I Just wandering if I can do it using a script since I have to do it more frequently because of some network related issues in my freebpx environment, (my trunks getting disconnecting due to a network problem & this Server is not high critical so I’m okay with restarting chan sip at any time if I have issues.)
even it will be okay if i can schedule SIP RELOAD using crontab in centos!!!.

Kind help is highly appreciate


set up a cronjob to run a bash script that executes the following command:

You should be able to Google the rest :smile:


Thanks, It works…
Now I have schedule task which trigger this command.

That’s where “cronjob” comes in :wink:


hello, i have the same problem. but when I run the command “sip reload” not back gets unreachable status, I have to reboot the server to return the lines.

Does anyone have another idea?

I thank the help.

@jsilva Please start your own thread and provide more system details (version numbers, etc).

Hello Overkill, follow the data.
FreePBX version: 12.0.69
Asterisk Ver. 11.18.0


Please read.

It’s all right.